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  • Conference Presentations

    • Our D1 students Cai Yifei; M2 students Yuga Tanaka, Yoshiki Oozawa, Daichi Makihara and He Kangmou made a presentation in the 2022 IEE-Japan Industry Applications Society Conference .

      We participated in the 2022 IEEJ Industrial Applications Division Conference held at Sophia University from August 30 to September 1. Tanaka, Makihara, and He participated in the on-site Young Poster Competition (YPC), and Cai and Ozawa participated in the hybrid general session online. About 120 presentations were made in the YPC, and Tanaka and Makihara received the Best Paper Presentation Award. About 250 presentations were made in the general sessions.

      • Tanaka:
        This was the first time for me to give a poster presentation. I was able to engage in many discussions with the audience during my presentation, and it was a very meaningful time for me. I was also honored to receive the YPC Best Paper Presentation Award, and I felt that I would like to continue to do my best in my research.

      • Makihara:
        I gave a presentation on geometry optimization of dual-mode reluctance motors. It was the first time for me to give a presentation at the site, and we had many questions and fruitful discussions.

      • He:
        I presented the inverter modification of a dual-mode reluctance motor and received many comments from the university and the company, which was a meaningful experience.

      • Cai:
        I made a presentation on motor vibration noise caused by magnetostriction. We had a very fruitful discussion with limited time for questions and answers.

      • Oozawa:
        I presented on the stiffness measurement of magnetic bearings. Although we participated online, we received very helpful feedback.


    • Our M2 students Yoshiki Oozawa, Yuga Tanaka and Shintaro Narioka made a presentation in the 34th Symposium on Electromagnetic Force Related Dynamics .

      • 『反磁性体とリングハルバッハ配列永久磁石を用いた磁気軸受の高速回転時における挙動の検討』

      • 『IPMモータにおける12次高調波電流重畳による騒音低減』

      • 『受動磁気軸受の形状や体積の変化に伴う体積当たりの剛性の変化』

      I attended the 34th Symposium on Electromagnetic Force Related Dynamics. The total number of participants was about 160, and there were about 110 presentations. Each of the presentations was of high quality and there was a lively exchange of opinions, with some sessions exceeding the time limit. Besides student presentations, we often saw presentations by professors, and were struck by the high level of quality. This was my first opportunity to present in person, and although I felt a sense of tension different from online presentations and the difficulty of presenting while using a laser pointer, thanks to the advance practice in the lab, the presentation, including the Q&A session, was very productive. I would like to continue to actively participate in academic conferences to exchange opinions on my research and absorb various knowledge. Since the conference was held in Sendai, I was able to go sightseeing around Sendai in my free time. I enjoyed the famous refreshment Zunda and beef tongue. What I particularly enjoyed was the pickled fish rice. If you have a chance to visit Sendai, please try it.

    • Our D3 student Chen Lingyu; D1 student Candra Adi Wiguna; M2 student Akira Kumashiro and M1 students Yifei Cai, Leping Wang and Hector San Juan made a presentation in the Motor Drive Rotational Machinery and Linear Drive Technical Meeting (Link Only Japanese)

      • "Since it was an online conference, I did not feel as nervous as I do in usual meetings so I felt like I did well. I tried to answer some questions in Japanese and I am very glad that public could understand the content of my presentation."

        D3 Chen Lingyu. 2020,09,02

      • "I was able to enjoy the IEEJ online meeting. The meeting's atmosphere was different from always and I had a great time with all the participants' fascinating research."

        D1 Takahiro Noguchi. 2020,09,02

      • "The conference is very interesting! There were many fresh ideas and concepts for electric machine development. Each presenter summarized the contents only in several slides but easy to understand. However, it’s still hard to participate the conference using English. Not many questions because of language barrier."

        D1 Candra Adi Wiguna. 2020,09,01

      • "I have never had the opportunity to present my research, so this was a great opportunity to discuss about it. It was also very stimulating to hear presentations in similar fields."

        M2 Akira Kumashiro. 2020,09,01

      • "I was able to participate in the workshop this time because I didn't have to travel to the venue and I could save money. Personally, I would like to participate in an offline workshop next time because I can discuss things in more depth in person and there are things that cannot be conveyed through a screen."

        M1 Yifei Cai. 2020,09,01

      • "This was my first time to participate in a technical meeting. I was a little nervous for my first meeting. Although everyone presented in Japanese, it was difficult for me to present in Japanese, so I decided to present in English. However, I found it difficult to answer questions even in English, and I felt I needed to attend more conferences to get used to presenting at them. I have been interested in what kind of research is being done in other countries for a long time, and I enjoyed this meeting because I could learn about the latest research."

        M1 Leping Wang. 2020,09,01

      • "This was an amazing opportunity to listen to other research and their results. It was the first time I participated in a technical meeting and I was quite satisfied with the experience. Definitely I want to do it again."

        M1 Hector San Juan. 2020,09,02

    • Our M2 student, Haruki Sobue made a presentation in the Motor Drive Rotational Machinery and Automotive Research Meeting (Link Only Japanese)

      • "This was the first time to have the technical meeting online. Since the presentation was different from the usual, I was bit lost in a few things, but I received many questions, especially from the companies. I felt it was important to look at it from a slightly different perspective than usual."

        M2 Haruki Sobue. 2020,05,15

  • Awards

    • Award for Excellent Paper Presentation IEEJ 2021

      This time, I was awarded for an excellent presentation paper in the Magnetics/Motor Drive/Linear Drive Joint Research Group; a research group that deals with a wide range of fields related to electromagnetic forces. This award has given me confidence in my ability to explain things easily. I would like to keep working harder on my research.
      M1 Yoshiki Oozawa. 2022,03
    • Award for Excellent Paper Presentation IEEJ 2021

      I was awarded by the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan (IEEJ) for an excellent presentation of my paper entitled "Bearingless Motor with Asymmetric Axial Electrodynamic Stabilization". I feel grateful for this award, because this research topic is very important for me. In this conference I presented a novel idea for our ongoing magnetic levitation project and it was well received by other researchers.
      D4 Guilherme Cavalcante Rubio. 2022,03
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    • IEEE IAS Young Engineer Competition Award

      M1 Shinji Nakano. 2015
    • IEEE IAS Young Engineer Competition Award

      M1 Masato Miyoshi. 2014
    • IEEE IAS Young Engineer Competition Award

      D1 Kyouhei Kiyota. 2013
    • IEEE IAS Young Engineer Competition Award

      M2 Masaki Takiguchi. 2013
    • IEEE IAS Young Engineer Competition Award

      M1 Katsuhiko Urase. 2013