For International Students


Chiba Laboratory is an electric motor and drive research laboratory of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department. In this laboratory, majorly two research sub-groups are working namely Traction Motor(TM) group and Bearingless Motor group.

Traction Motor(TM) group mainly focusses on the design and analysis of electric motors being employed in Hybrid Electric Vehicles(HEVs), Electric Vehicles(EVs) and other electric transportation modes. Currently, the traction motors of interest are Induction Motors(IMs), Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors(PMSMs) and Switched Reluctance Motors(SRMs).

Bearingless Motor group researches on the motors requiring no mechanical bearings. Magnetic suspension/levitation is the fundamental research topic of this group. The applications of these type of motors are wide ranging from a small bearingless cooling fan to artificial pump for blood circulation. Asst. Prof. Hiroya Sugimoto is the lead researcher in this group


Lab. Life

Chiba Laboratory currently has 50% international regular students. Each student is engaged in a collaborative research with some of the industries in Japan. This approach gives industrial exposure to the student and makes him ready for solving practical problems.

Apart from welcome/farewell parties in the laboratory, there is a big get-together('OB-kai' as it is called in Japanese) of the power electronics fraternity comprising of the professors, old students and current students twice a year. These parties are very much useful for social networking.