Lecture for the Graduate level

Magnetic Levitation and Magnetic Suspension


Lecture for the Undergraduate level

Electric Machinery

Control theory

Electric Power Engineering(Assoc. prof. Kiyota)


Improvement of lecture on "Electric Machinery "course using e-learning

In April 2014, we began trial of e-learning using multi-device application named "Handbook", utilization of ICT equipment and active learning in order to improve the lecture of "Electric Machinery" course taught at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

From 2015, it was adopted by several professors in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and this effort was evaluated by the Kanto Engineering Education Association and received the Kanto Engineering Education Association Award in 2016.

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Now there is a Chiba Kiyota Laboratory Youtube channel! You can find very interesting videos about magnetic levitation experiments done in the laboratory. Enter our channel here!